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In 1965, inspired by the Italian lifestyle and the country's juices, Heinz Schürmann, an Italian food importer, introduced the flavors of "la dolce vita" to Germany and named his orange juice "granini Trinkfrucht" ("drinking fruit").

In 1969, with its unique and innovative bottle, Granini creates a unique brand name. Thanks to its transparent, dimpled design, Granini becomes an unmistakable brand.

In the 1970s, the company explores new territories and Austria becomes the first market outside Germany to market Granini.

Ten years later, Granini is launched in European markets, in Spain in 1986, where it is now the market leader. By the end of the decade, the brand was marketed in 16 countries.

In 2002, following its successful launch in Switzerland, the new PET bottle is also introduced in a number of other markets. However, the famous bottle shape remains unchanged.

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Year after year, Granini and all its employees do their utmost to perfect their techniques and methods of producing the best juice. 

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  • Granini Peach 330ml
  • Granini Orange 330ml
  • Granini Pineapple 330ml
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