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We are wholesale distributors of RockStar Energy Drinks for vending machines. We distribute energy drinks to vending and impulse professionals.

Wholesale distributor of Rockstar Energy Drinks for vending machines

We always work with product in stock and ready to be shipped.

Rockstar Wholesaler

In Distribución Mayorista you can buy Rockstar wholesale always in stock and at the best price in the market. We distribute all kinds of energy drinks to hospitality professionals such as bars, restaurants, pubs or nightclubs, and also to professionals in the vending and impulse sector.

Rockstar drink is mainly composed of water, sugar (sucrose, glucose), caffeine and different vitamins. It was the first drink to offer a 500ml can, which doubled the amount of sugars and caffeine.

Rockstar is an energy drink of American origin that was born in 2001 due to the great growth boom that Monster and Redbull had. It is currently one of the most demanded energy drink companies worldwide, with its manufacturing all over the world.

Rockstar has an infinity of products for sale which have been accepted by consumers making them present in numerous supermarket chains and an indispensable product for vending machines and impulse.

Buy Rockstar wholesale

In Distribución Mayorista we distribute Rockstar flavors throughout Spain and Portugal, we make fast shipments and we always have enough stock to provide our customers vending machines.

We specialize in vending energy drinks, in our catalog of vending products we have rockstar energy drink at the best price, for your vending machines and impulse.

In Distribución Mayorista Online we have the best energy drinks for vending market, we have a variety of flavors of energy drink Rockstar.

We are wholesale distributors of Rockstar, place your orders with us and save money thanks to our offers and promotions vending.

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