We are wholesale distributors of Cadbury Chocolate for vending machines. We distribute to professionals in the vending and impulse sector.

Wholesale distributor of Cadbury Chocolates for vending and impulse

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Cardbury Wholesaler

If you are looking for the best wholesale chocolates, in Distribución Mayorista you can buy wholesale Cardbury products at the best price in the market. Our company works only with the leading manufacturers in each sector to always offer the best quality in all our products and services, focused on vending machines.

Cardbury is a British food company created in 1824 by John Cardbury. But the first Cardbury chocolate bars would not arrive until 1875. After this success, they proceeded to create different cocoa-based products such as their first Easter egg or milk chocolate bars.

In 1969, Cardbury merged with Schweppes to make the brand known worldwide and thus open the international market. Today, Cardbury chocolate is owned by Kraft Foods and distributed by Mondelez International, reaching the homes of thousands of people around the world.

With almost 200 years of experience, Cardbury is one of the most exquisite and recognized chocolate brands in the world.

Wholesale Cardbury Chocolates

There is a wide variety of Cardbury chocolates and at we have a great selection of products that will surely be to your liking.

We are wholesale distributors of chocolates, in our store specialized in wholesale vending products you will find the best vending products for your vending machines and impulse.

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