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Dodot Basic Wipes 54 Units

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We are wholesale distributors of Dodot potato chips for vending machines. We distribute to professionals in the vending and impulse sector.

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Dodot has been a pioneer brand that has always been linked to the history of diapers in Spain. Before the existence of the current diaper reusable pieces of cloth were used that were less hygienic and comfortable for daily use.

In 1971, Dodot launched its first diaper, a piece of cellulose with adhesive strips that had to be inserted inside plastic panties. Later, in 1976, Dodot launched the diaper that joined the two parts together, which was known as the "disposable diaper diaper," the true precursor of the current diaper. Dodot thus launched the first single-use diaper on the Spanish market, a pioneering product in terms of hygiene, comfort and quality of life for mothers and their children.

Throughout its history, Dodot has also introduced different innovations in line with the technological development of each moment, such as the breathable cover, the ris-ras tapes, the dermoprotective lotion, the super absorbent double layer or the anatomical core.

According to the Observatorio de las Marcas Valiosas de Gran Consumo presented on July 13, 2011 by the Esade Brand Center, the second most valued brand by Spaniards is

Dodot distributor at the best price

We are wholesale distributors of Dodot, in our catalog of vending products you will find the best hygiene vending in the market, we have the vending products you are looking for your vending machines and impulse at the best price.

In Distribución Mayorista for vending machines we sell Dodot at the best price and we have a fast and efficient transport service. We have the most popular products, such as Dodot Basic Wipes.

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