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The Heinz story begins with its founder, Henry J. Heinz, selling his mother's horseradish sauce when he was 25 years old, selling the product in clear bottles to show its purity and quality, unlike the competition, which used to use opaque brown bottles to hide adulterated ingredients.

Heinz Tomato Ketchup went on sale in the United States in 1876, after its success the next step was to introduce it in the United Kingdom.

In 1900 Heinz became the largest tomato manufacturer in the world, thanks to its incredible leadership. In 1901, Heinz first exported its delicious beans to the United Kingdom, where they quickly became a favorite food throughout the country. At the time, canned food was considered a luxury, but Henry launched an innovative campaign with Baked Benz, where they were presented as a nutritious, convenient and economical option, perfect for all members of the family.

In 1920, Heinz production moved from the United States to the United Kingdom, where 10,000 tons of food were produced in the first year.

Continuous innovation remains essential for Heinz, as they aim to adapt to new trends and needs that arise in the market.

They were one of the first companies in the food industry to rethink sales-leading products. In the 1980s they turned the ketchup bottle upside down to make it easier to serve. 

Today they have low-salt, low-sugar products and organic ranges to meet new trends in nutrition. Heinz continues to research and innovate to meet the needs of consumers around the world.

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