Fried Tomato Orlando 212g

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Orlando was born in Spain in 1922 as a producer of canned fish at that time. But it was not until 1968 when it specialized in fried tomato, launching its own recipe of tomato, garlic and onion sofrito. Since then, its unique flavor and different varieties have made it the leading fried tomato brand in the market.

Orlando's factory is located in Alfaro (La Rioja) where more than 200 workers make the traditional recipe of Orlando fried tomato. One of the keys to Orlando's flavor lies in the cultivation of tomatoes throughout Spain.

In recent years, the Orlando family has grown to six varieties -Classic, Olive Oil, Artisan, Homemade, Organic and 0.0- with their different textural nuances, but without losing the essence of Orlando flavor.

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Among the product ranges of this great company stands out, a delicious fried tomato of the best quality.

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