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We are wholesale distributors of Jake, jelly beans, candies and sweets. We distribute Jake products to professionals in the vending and hospitality industry.

Jake gummies wholesale

We always work with national product, always in stock and ready to be shipped.

Wholesale Jake - Sweet and healthy gummies

In Distribución Mayorista we work with manufacturers such as Golosinas Jake, leaders in the gummies and candies sector to always offer the best quality in all our products. If you want only the best products and the best quality you can buy Jake products wholesale and at the best price in the market in our online store.

Jake S.A. is a Spanish company with an experience of over 40 years, it is also the largest Spanish company in the manufacture and distribution of candy, which gives us the security of working with the best. The brand is located in Murcia (Spain) and specializes in the sale of jelly candy, marshmallow and licorice among other types of candies and gummies of 100 grams.

In the field of wholesale Jake Golosinas has become the leading confectionery company that grows annually placing itself among the most outstanding companies in its sector. Every day it seeks to innovate in the manufacture of its products, always keeping in mind the quality of its products in order to satisfy its thousands of daily consumers.

Jake candies wholesale

In Distribución Mayorista distribution we have a wide range of products and varieties of jelly beans, candies and sweets at the best price of the well-known Spanish brand that you can buy at the best price and for vending machines.

Among its products in our catalog, best valued we can find:

  • Strawberry pica Jake on sale.
  • Jake bananas wholesale.
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