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Bullet Vibrator

1,300 €

Masturbator Tenga

7,140 €

Vibrating Ring Vibrasex

0,950 €

Durex give me pleasure 3 uds

1,140 €

Durex Natural 3 uds

1,140 €

Kamasutra Cards

1,700 €

Vibrator packvibe metallic colors

5,800 €

Durex Thin feel 12 Unid

4,740 €

Vibrador Funky Viberette G-Spot Assorted Colours Toy Joy

3,860 €

Vibrador Mini Vibrator Discretion Lilac

7,000 €

Love Bombs Jenn

1,400 €

Love Bombs Jade

1,400 €

Love Massager Mini Vibrating Body Stimulator

1,400 €

Lady Finger Mini Vibrator White

4,250 €

Super Slick Vibrator Silver

6,180 €

Wife Metal Handcuffs

3,800 €

Ring Love Ring Vibrating

1,400 €

Mini Bunny Finger Vibrator Pink

6,920 €

Super Realistic Alive Vagina Masturbator

3,200 €

Mini Jack Rabbit Vibrator Blue

6,200 €

Discretion Mini Black Vibrator

6,800 €

Anal Beads Thai Toy Beads Blue bag

1,980 €

Anal Beads Thai Toy Beads Pink bag

2,050 €

Toy Joy Super Stroker Egg

3,460 €

Vibrator Silicone Classic Flesh Clitoris

11,480 €

We are wholesale distributors of Erotic Products for vending machines. We distribute to professionals in the vending and sex shop sector.

Wholesale distributor of erotic products for vending machines and sex shops.

We always work with national product, always in stock and ready to be shipped. Most of our orders are delivered within a period of 24-48 hours.

Sex shop

Sex toys have become indispensable accessories for our intimacy. That is why it is more and more common to see sex shops and places where we can find this kind of products. However, vending machines are also ideal to distribute them in a simpler and more accessible way.

At Distribuidora Mayorista we are distributors of erotic cosmetics for professionals in the vending and sex shop sector. We have a wide range of items, from condoms and lubricants to toys such as dildos, vibrators, and Chinese balls. Our sex gels include different flavors and effects, and we have products of various models and sizes.

We include this type of items in our online store due to the boom in the sale of erotic products vending and sex shop wholesale. In addition, we work with the best quality brands at unbeatable prices. So you can find everything you need and more in our stock. We are sure that your customers will be completely satisfied. Erotic products in vending machines

The sale of sex toys in vending machines may seem new, but it is actually a sector that has expanded a lot in recent years. It is an alternative for those who prefer to buy this type of items privately and at any time of the day or night. Likewise, you can find the best prices within the sex industry.

However, these types of machines can have certain drawbacks. Due to the wide variety of products they may contain, it is best not to install them in public places where children can see them. Another option is that their contents are not visible and that you must be of legal age to use them. In any case, this does not make the sale of this type of articles less important.

Although they are generally related to pleasure and play, erotic products can be beneficial for mental and physical health. That's why we invite you to bet on adding them to your vending business. Place your order with us and you will have it in a period of 24 to 48 hours.

Buy Erotic products vending and Sexshop at the best price

Due to the boom in the sale of erotic products vending and Sexshop wholesale we have decided to bet on this type of products in our online store. Therefore we have a very wide range of condoms for vending machines, sex lubricants or erotic toys wholesale.

Among our stock you can find and buy sexshop items at an unbeatable price.

On our website you can find a wide range of condoms from the two best brands on the market, Durex condoms and Control condoms. We also have several models and sizes for each of the brands.

The sexual lubricants for vending machines are a very requested item so we have added to our website a selection of the best sex gels for vending machines, which include different flavors and effects.

Another of our bets for the erotic vending products section are the erotic toys for vending. Here you can find dildos of various sizes and materials, silicone vibrators for vending machines or Chinese balls at the best price, among others.

Erotic products for vending and Sexshop wholesale

Find the erotic and sexshop products in our store, we have an assortment where you can see the price of erotic vending items.

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