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In the first years as Grupo Teseo, the company had close to 3,000 points of sale in the Community of Madrid and neighboring provinces for its Eneryeti drink. 

A revolutionary change for the group was the launch of the new brand of take-away coffees Guay Café, with Latte Macchiato and Cappuccino flavors in 230 ml glass format. A perfect coffee for any moment and to take everywhere, as it does not require refrigeration.

Within the family of take-away coffees, the new Guay Café Irish Coffee, the first Irish to-go coffee on the market, with all the flavor and aroma of whisky cream, but with 0% alcohol, was unveiled. Ready to enjoy anywhere.

The company Teseo Industria y Comercio SL was renamed Eneryeti Company SL, in order to strengthen its main brand "Eneryeti" and improve the positioning of the group.  The aim was to achieve a more modern and up-to-date image, which was reflected in its products, whose design was also renewed that same year. 

Another of the company's major changes in 2019 was the renewal of the Guay Café brand, with an improved recipe and modernizing its visual identity. The Guay Café family was joined by Macchiato Light, with the same flavor as Guay Café Macchiato, but with 71% less fat, 42% less sugar and with 47% fewer calories than the original version. Designed for people who like to take care of themselves and want to stay in shape.

Today, Eneryeti Company continues to focus on innovation and the launch of new surprising products. Giving priority to quality at a good price, to the reduction of sugars and always with the aim of satisfying the consumer's demands.

Through this review of the history of the company, it can be seen how in a few years it has demonstrated a great capacity for adaptation and growth, expanding its distribution channels to become a national reference in the food sector. 

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