We are wholesale distributors of Cruzcampo, beers for impulse stores at the best price and wholesale. We distribute to professionals of the vending sector, tobacconists and impulse.

Wholesale distributor of Cruzcampo for vending and impulse stores

We always work with product in stock and ready to be shipped. Most of our orders are delivered within 24 hours.

Cruzcampo Wholesalers

Cruzcampo was born from the dream of two of the Osborne brothers, Tomás and Roberto: to brew a beer ideal for the warm climate of the south. With this in mind, they moved to Seville, whose high quality water is similar in composition to that of the Czech river Pilsen, which gives its name to this type of beer.

They established their brewery in the Nervión district, on land annexed to the Templete de la Cruz del Campo, which would later give its name to the beer we know today as Cruzcampo.

In 1904, the Cruz del Campo brewery came up with a unique yeast strain, which gave the beer a mild bitterness and a fruity, herbal aroma. This gave rise to the first Cruzcampo beer, with properties and essence that remain intact today.

In 1926, the spirit of Cruzcampo would be represented by one of the brand's most iconic symbols: Gambrinus. This character from German mythology embodies ingenuity and passion for brewing and brewing mastery.

In 2017, Cruzcampo 0.0 was born, a beer that preserves all the essential properties and characteristics of Cruzcampo, with the best cold taste. In addition, Cruzcampo Sin Gluten was born. A beer with the taste of Cruzcampo as always, suitable for coeliacs. Thanks to these innovations, Cruzcampo has one of the widest beer ranges in the Spanish market.

Cruzcampo beer at the best price

In Distribución Mayorista Online you will find Cruzcampo beer at the best price in the market, we are wholesale distributors of beer.

We specialize in vending beverages for vending machines and impulse, we have the best catalog of vending products, in it you will find all categories of vending products you are looking for.

We are the best store specialized in wholesale vending products, we only work with the best and most popular brands in the market, in order to offer you the best quality at the best price.

By placing your orders with us you will save money thanks to our incredible sales and vending promotions, we are leaders in vending companies in Spain.

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