Pipes G Baconeras 40g Grefusa

0,370 €

MisterCorn Mix 5 Classic 55g Grefusa

0,390 €

Snatt's Peas, Cheese and Dill 28g Grefusa

0,405 €

Snatts Sticks Pipes 40g Grefusa

0,350 €

Natuchips Tomato, Cheese and Oregano 26g Grefusa

0,380 €

Natuchips Barbecue Sauce 26g Grefusa

0,380 €

MisterCorn Flavors of America 97g Grefusa

0,910 €

MisterCorn 60g Grefusa

0,390 €

Snacks G Baconeras Strips 33g Grefusa

0,340 €

Pipes G Pelao Mix Tijuana 40g Grefusa

0,360 €

Papadelta Minim's 24g Grefusa

0,340 €
Papadelta 19g Grefusa-Distribución Mayorista
  • -11%

Papadelta 19g Grefusa

0,300 € 0.336 €

Jetas ketchup 20g Grefusa

0,340 €

Gublins X-Treme 36g Grefusa

0,340 €

Gublins Minim's Mix 28g Grefusa

0,336 €

Gublins Barbecue JR 45g Grefusa

0,360 €

Gublins Minim's Barbecue 32g Grefusa

0,340 €

Natural Snatt's Mix with Walnuts 40g Grefusa

0,720 €

Pipes G Tijuana 40g Grefusa

0,370 €

Pipes G con Sal 40g Grefusa

0,370 €

Snatt's Mini Bocaditos Tomate y Orégano 35g

0,320 €

We are wholesale distributors of Grefusa, salty snacks and appetizers. We distribute Grefusa products to professionals in the vending and hospitality sector.

Distributor of Grefusa products

We always work with national products, always in stock and ready to be shipped.

Grefusa Wholesaler

We are wholesale distributors of Grefusa, in Distribución Mayorista Online you will find the best vending snacks on the market, along with the best prices.

We are dedicated to the online sale of vending products, if you want to buy vending products wholesale visit our catalog of vending products, in it you will find the best categories of products throughout the vending sector.

Buy Grefusa products wholesale at the best price in the market, in wholesale distribution we work with the leading manufacturers in each sector to always offer the best quality in all our products and services. 

Grefusa is a Spanish family company specialized in the production of salty snacks, dried fruits and cereal snacks. With a long history of almost 90 years, they have earned the trust of the Spanish and international markets.

All Grefusa product lines are made using only olive and sunflower oils, this commitment to nutrition earned them recognition in 2015 with the Food of Spain Award to the Food Industry, awarded by the Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Environment.

Grefusa wholesale brands

Grefusa has two manufacturing plants in Spain, one in Aldeamayor, Valladolid and the other in Alzira, Valencia, the latter being the company's headquarters.

Grefusa groups its products in different commercial brands, these are:

Snacks Grefusa

In the Snacks range we can highlight the Papadelta line or the mythical Gublins.

G Seeds

Grefusa's well-known line of Pipas G with its addictive flavors: With salt, Tijuana, Kepchup, Mix, etc...


If you like sunflower seeds, Grefusa's El Piponazo line is undoubtedly your choice, selected sunflower seeds elaborated with the aguasal process. Pipes are a source of vitamins B3, B5, B6 and B9, as well as a source of fiber, iron, magnesium, phosphorus and protein.

Mister Corn

Who doesn't know Grefusa's Mr Corn line, probably the tastiest and crunchiest corn on the market, available in different flavors and with Grefusa's guarantee of no artificial coloring or preservatives.


Grefusa's Snatt's line is the company's lightest and healthiest line. It consists of snack products made with the best cereals, olive oil and baked.

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