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Elegance Black Water Dispenser

212,000 €

Water Dispensers Wholesalers

In Distribución Mayorista we are specialists in the sale of Water Fountains. We always have the best prices on all our products.

Hot and cold water dispensers at the best price. Our shipments are delivered in less than 48 hours. We always have stock available of all our products. 

Our water dispensers are suitable for all types of water bottles with 5-gallon cap. And all tubes in contact with water are made of stainless steel.

Water dispensers for office and home use are becoming more and more popular, here are some of their advantages

Easy storage

They allow you to store cans of natural mineral water and soft drinks in the smallest possible space, thanks to a shelf specially designed to stack up to 4 bottles of 20L. In the space of a tile, your shelf will allow you to place the bottles.

Space saving

Practical jerrycans allow you to make the most of the capacity of the mineral water and soft drink dispenser, saving space in refrigerators, for example.

Avoid unnecessary weight

Buying bottles of water always adds kilos to the shopping basket. However, by having a water dispenser in the office or home and a supply service, they will bring you new bottles to replace those that have already run out.

Helps daily water consumption

With a water dispenser at work, we will help get workers into the habit of regular water consumption and can help encourage them to drink more water and stay hydrated. Having a water dispenser helps all members of a company to acquire habits that are good for their health at the same time as they carry out their work activities.

Convenience and multiple options

Water dispensers are prepared to serve hot and cold water or cold and ambient water, as they are equipped with temperature regulation systems. Also, they do not require installation, since it is simply a power plug and a small space.

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