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We are wholesale distributors of Chocolatinas for Vending Machines. We distribute to professionals of the public and captive vending sector and impulse.

Wholesale Distributor of Chocolatinas for Vending Machines

We always work with national product, always in stock and ready to be shipped.

Vending chocolate bars

Chocolate is one of the most popular foods in the vending sector. This is because very few palates can resist this wonderful sweet. If you don't believe it, stop and think about your surroundings. How many of your friends or family eat chocolate? Everyone or almost everyone eats it, right?

That's why, from Wholesale Distribution we can guarantee that putting chocolates in your vending machine will always be a success. We have our own vending machines, so we know which products work best.

Benefits of chocolate bars

Chocolate has been proven to improve insulin resistance and decrease the risk of developing diabetes. It has antioxidant priorities, promotes memory and stimulates neuronal activity.

Nowadays, there are hundreds of types of chocolate bars. But the type that attracts our attention the most are the sugar-free chocolates. Since, they are triumphing in vending machines.

In the last decade, customers are more concerned about their health, so it is necessary to implement healthy products in your vending machine. Such as sugar-free chocolates.

Wholesale chocolate bars

In Distribución Mayorista we work with the best brands for vending. If you visit our website you will discover the amount of products we have for sale. We are specialists in online sales of products for vending.

We are wholesale distributors of chocolates for vending.  We have at your disposal the best chocolates in the vending sector.

Our customers are specialists and professionals in the vending and impulse sector.

The best selling brands in vending we have them in our online store, discover our chocolates, such as:

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