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Sanden Vendo GDrink 9 Desing life-Distribución Mayorista
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Sanden Vendo GDrink 9 Desing life

5.159,000 €
Sanden Vendo VDI480/7-Distribución Mayorista
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Sanden Vendo VDI480/7

2.975,000 €
Sanden Vendo VDI550/8-Distribución Mayorista
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Sanden Vendo VDI550/8

3.149,000 €
Sanden Vendo VDI 682 / 10-Distribución Mayorista
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Sanden Vendo VDI 682 / 10

3.642,000 €
Sanden Vendo Gdrink 6 Desing life-Distribución Mayorista
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Sanden Vendo Gdrink 6 Desing life

4.789,000 €

Discover our vending machines for water of various formats. We offer vending machines for sale where you can sell water bottles of one and a half liter, 1 liter water bottles or small bottles, choose the format that suits your needs. It is now possible to buy water vending machines at the best price.

Types of water vending machines

There are different types of water vending machines, since not all of them have the same capacity to store products or the same size. This type of machines work both with coins and banknotes for the collection of the product, being the cold drinks, one of the most requested products.

In our online store we have second hand vending machines of the best brands, such as the Jofemar brand, one of the most popular and with the best quality.

How does a water vending machine work?

How a water vending machine works is quite simple, currently, they have an innovative sales system, because thanks to its software support, they can send the company the data and sales statistics, control and replenishment of products, technical assistance, installation of updates ..., which allows to optimize the quality of service.

A vending achine for water is designed to dispense bottles, thanks to its cooling motor with thermostat, they will always be at their ideal temperature, added to its ramp vending system, you will only have to worry about inserting the credit and collecting the product.

The ramp vending system avoids any type of problem when receiving the product in perfect condition, as it prevents product deformation.

Any machine, be it a beverage machine or not, is specifically designed to dispense, being able to control the temperature of the products thanks to its refrigerator with adjustable thermostat.

You will be able to find all kinds of products thanks to the large storage capacity of vending machines.

In Wholesale Distribution you can buy water for vending machine wholesale and at the best price in the market, because we are specialists in the wholesale of vending products.

We have the best prices on water bottles wholesale, we have the best discounts and promotions on our products for vending.

We are specialists in vending, in our online store you can buy vending products for vending machines at the best price in the market.

What is the price of a water vending machine?

If you want to know what is the price of a water vending machine, access to our online store, in it you can see how much it costs a beverage machine of the most famous brands, such as the Sanden Vendo GDrink 9 Desing Life, we have the model of water machines that best suits companies or offices.

We are wholesalers of water bottles, if you want to buy water bottles wholesale, in Wholesale Distribution we have the best service and the best price in the most famous vending products on the market.

You will not find a better wholesale store to buy excellent quality bottled water for vending machines, we work with the best brands in the market.

We have the best machines to dispense water bottles, they have an excellent vending system and a large capacity to store products.

Every water or beverage vending machine must have a cooling motor to control the temperature of the beverages. Currently, many of these machines also have an anti-vandalism system, which reinforces the security of the machine and its components such as the dispenser, so that a vital function such as dispensing is not affected.

If you want to buy a vending machine for water, in our catalog you will find the best brands at the best price.

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