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The Amstel brewery was founded in Amsterdam in 1870, under the name of Beiersche Bierbrouwerij de Amstel. The company owes its name to the Amstel River. Later this beer was exported to Great Britain and Indonesia in 1883.

In 1926 it was the first beer to produce a light variety and in 1937 the first brand to launch the first portable keg.

By 1957, Amstel became the first beer to use a can as packaging and in 1964, it was the first brand to use a bottle that opens without an opener.

The company was acquired in 1968 by Heineken, maintaining the brand to this day and marketing it internationally.

In 1992, Amstel arrived in Spain through Heineken, succeeding "El Águila" beer.

By 2003, Amstel was enjoyed in more than 60 countries around the world.

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