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White Sugar Sugar Azucarera 1kg

1,760 €
Ketchup Prima 10g-Distribución Mayorista
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Ketchup Prima 10g

0,052 €
Table Sea Salt Shaker 250g-Distribución Mayorista
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Table Sea Salt Shaker 250g

0,630 €

Fried Tomato Orlando 212g

1,400 €

Sugar in sachets 10g

0,020 €

White Sugar kg Plastic Bag

1,600 €

Oriental Noodles Chicken Banzai Noodle Cigala 67g

0,870 €
Oriental Noodles Shrimp...
  • -14%

Oriental Noodles Shrimp Banzai Noodle Cigala 67g

0,750 € 0.870 €

Oriental Noodles Curry Banzai Noodle Cigala 67g

0,870 €

We are wholesale distributors of food for your pantry for vending machines. We distribute canned food for the whole vending sector.

Wholesale distribution of food for your pantry at the best price

In Distribución Mayorista Online you will find the best categories of vending products for your pantry, among which we highlight and recommend:


Canned sardines, tuna and octopus, among other fish that we find in this format, are long-lasting ingredients that we can store for weeks. The protein they contain makes them key foods for a healthy diet. In addition, experts recommend that we choose those that are preserved in olive oil, as they will also be healthy.

A base of dry products

Having packets of rice, pasta and legumes is basic to compose a functional pantry. Also opt for dry products such as quinoa, couscous or buckwheat, to include them in salads, stews or side dishes.

Sesame, flax or pumpkin seeds will give you a lot of energy and nutrients, take up little space and last a long time. You can include them in your smoothies, sauces, cakes, casseroles...

Flour, in any of its versions, is a basic food that will give you a lot of play. Use it to make pancakes, pizza base, bread, pancakes or batter. 

Nuts and dried fruits

Cashews, walnuts, almonds, raisins, prunes and figs are very nutritious and healthy, as well as long-lasting. If we have them in the pantry, they can be added to rice and pasta to give them a different touch.

Wholesalers of vending products for pantry

In Distribución Mayorista Online you will find the products you need for your pantry, we are specialists in wholesale food vending.

Place your orders with us and save money on your orders thanks to our sales and promotions vending, we have the best prices on the market.

We are the best store specializing in wholesale vending products, we have the best catalog of vending products throughout the vending sector.

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