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Wife Metal Handcuffs

3,800 €

The Kinky Fantasy Kit

7,760 €

The Sensual Love Kit

7,760 €

Furry Legcuffs Assorted Colors

4,490 €

Electra Play Things Handcuffs Assorted Colours

11,420 €

We are wholesale distributors of handcuffs. We distribute all kinds of erotic toys such as vibrators or Chinese balls to professionals in the vending and hospitality sector.

Distributor of handcuffs for erotic games wholesale.

We always work with national product, always in stock and ready to be shipped.

Wholesalers of sex shop wives

In Distribucionmayorista.online we have sex-shop wives for your vending and impulse vending machines of the best brands of the moment. All our Chinese balls are always updated and in stock in our warehouse, ready to be distributed throughout Spain, France and Portugal. 

In our online store you can find different erotic toys of the best brands such as ABS, Scala, Love in the Pocket or Alive. Our erotic toys have incredible offers and promotions specially designed for our customers.

On our website you can find a great selection of sex-shop handcuffs of different sizes and colors. We have vaginal Chinese balls and anal Chinese balls for your vending machines with incredible prices.

How to choose handcuffs for vending?

Bondage is a recurring sexual fantasy of many people and couples. However, to enjoy this practice to the fullest, it is necessary to have the right handcuffs. Although it is possible to use conventional handcuffs, if not done carefully they can cause damage to the wrists of the bound person. 

Therefore, it is best to use padded handcuffs or handcuffs protected with some material. Likewise, it is important to establish certain limits when using them, especially if it is the first time. These limits may include rules or safety measures to avoid accidents or injuries.

How to complement the use of handcuffs?

In general, handcuffs are not the only accessory used in domination or BDSM practices. That is why in our catalog you will find kits that include other sex toys, such as feather dusters, petals, vibrating rings, masks, vibrators and erotic dice.

Both the handcuffs and these other accessories allow you to enjoy different possibilities, as well as to fulfill different sexual fantasies. So they are ideal products to make available to your customers in your vending machine business. In our store you will find the best offers and promotions to do so.

Distributors of sex-shop vending wives

Enter our online catalog where you can find a wide range of sex-shop products for your vending machines that are sure to be to your liking.

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