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We are wholesale distributors of Facundo snacks for vending machines. We distribute to professionals in the vending and impulse sector.

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If you are looking for vending products, in our store you can buy Facundo products wholesale at the best price in the market. In wholesale distribution we work with the best manufacturers in the industry to offer the best quality.

Facundo was born on November 27, 1944, in Palencia, managed by the couple Lola and Facundo. With them, a family business dedicated to the manufacture and sale of nuts and salted snacks was born, which from its early days became famous for its pipes.

In its first stage in the 50's, 60's and 70's, the success of its products, logos and identifying colors was such that the competition tried to imitate it at every opportunity.

Nowadays, and once the family is no longer running the company, the illusions and new projects continue to grow. New products arrive with more added value and for the improvement of the production processes, always having as a philosophy the permanent search for Quality and Excellence.

Pipas Facundo wholesale

We are wholesale distributors of Facundo, in our wholesale vending products store we have the best vending snacks for your vending machines and impulse.

We have the best vending products in the market in our catalog, check out all our categories of vending products.

Buy here Facundo snacks at the best price, place your orders with us and save money on your orders thanks to our vending offers and promotions.

In Distribución Mayorista we sell the Facundo products that sell the most on the market. Among them we sell the Facundo Chaskis range, although you can also buy Fritos barbecue on offer or Contrast Nuts for vending machines.

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