Online Trust

The Confianza Online association has been created to ensure users' peace of mind when shopping on the Internet. It is the only Spanish entity that offers the Ecommerce Europe Trustmark.

Its main distinctive feature is the seal. Online stores that comply with the code of conduct, which is the basis of our association, can use it to demonstrate their commitment to good practices on the Internet and their responsibility in dealing with customers. 

At Distribución Mayorista we comply with each and every one of the requirements of the Confianza Online code of conduct, which is why we have this seal that accredits our good practices:

Corporate Social Responsibility Certificate

Economic cooking

The Cocina Económica from La Coruña is a non-profit association founded in 1886, which aims to provide food every day of the year to the most economically disadvantaged people or those without sufficient resources for their maintenance.

Distribución Mayorista is one of the main collaborators of this entity. If you want to know who are the official collaborators of the Cocina Económica de A Coruña, download the list here.


It is an NGO that serves charitable and social action. They welcome and accompany the most vulnerable and excluded people. 

They promote the empowerment of people so that they can define their human rights in the three areas of integral development: basic needs, meaning of life and social participation.

Thanks to donations, they can help and stand by those who need it most. That is why Wholesale Distribution is  partner of this organization.

Google Reviews

Google reviews are of vital importance for both users and businesses. At Wholesale Distribution we have one of the best possible scores 4.6 points out of a range of 5.

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