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Beige Plastic Vase for Vending 160ml

0,018 €

Paper Cup for Vending SP9 OZ - 280ml

0,044 €

Paper Cup for Vending SP6,5 OZ 190ml

0,021 €

Plastic Lid 70mm X STRIP

0,017 €

Plastic cover 80 mm X TIRA

0,019 €

Paper Cup for Vending SP5 OZ 150ml

0,020 €

Transparent Plastic Cup 220ml

0,011 €

We are wholesale distributors of cups and lids for coffee vending. We distribute disposable coffee cups, plastic or cardboard cups for hot beverages such as coffee or tea. We distribute to professionals in the vending sector, hospitality sector and companies in general. We have all kinds of packing for automatic coffee machines.

Buy vending cups and coffee lids wholesale.

We always work with national product, always in stock and ready to be shipped.

Cups and lids

Cups and lids are elements that are often underestimated in hot beverage vending machines. Most people consider the packaging to be of no importance to customers. However, nothing could be further from the truth.

The material, shape and even the color of the cups used have an effect on the way the product is perceived. This has a direct effect on the sales and consumption levels of tea or coffee vending machines. For this reason, at Distribuidora Mayorista we offer a wide variety of containers adapted to all kinds of tastes.

On our website you can buy wholesale vending cups and lids at the best price in the market. We work with the leading manufacturers in each sector to always offer the best quality in all our products and services, we have all kinds of packing for professionals in the vending sector.

How to choose the right disposable cups?

Although their function is the same, each type of cup is different. When choosing them, you must take into account factors such as the use you will give them, in which contexts you will need them, if they will be used to transport drinks, etc. Here are the most common alternatives.

Plastic cups

These are the most common, as they are a practical and economical option. Their properties vary depending on the type of plastic they are made of. But, in general, they are characterized by being recyclable, resistant to high temperatures and tailor-made for vending machines.

Cardboard cups

The cups made of this material are lighter and useful to preserve the temperature, so they are used to transport drinks more frequently. In addition to being recyclable, they are biodegradable and some can even be used in composters. They can also be used with both hot and cold beverages.

On our website you will find a wide variety of cups made of these two materials, as well as plastic lids of different models. Do not hesitate to place your order with us, we will get it to you in the shortest possible time.

Wholesale vending cups and lids at the best price

Buy vending cups and lids wholesale at the best price in the market, in wholesale distribution we work with leading manufacturers in each sector to always offer the best quality in all our products and services.

In online wholesale distribution we have a wide range of consumables specially designed for vending machines. From plastic or paper cups for coffee to silicone caps or goggles for swimming pools, in our store you will find the product you need.

Buy vending cups and lids wholesale

Distribución Mayorista has its own warehouses and a large stock of consumables, so orders arrive faster.

In our consumable products section you can find a wide range of consumables on offer for vending and consumables on promotion among which are:

  • Vending cups at the best price

  • Airtight bags with self-closing in various sizes 

  • Individual plastic spoon

  • Bag with fork, knife and napkin

  • Small and large perforated plastic boxes

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