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We are wholesale distributors of ticket dispensers for vending machines. We distribute to professionals of the sector.

Wholesale distributor of vending machine wallets

We always work with the best products, always in stock and ready to be shipped. Most of our orders are delivered within 24-48 hours.

Wholesalers of vending wallets

In our wholesale vending products store you will find the best wallets for your vending machines, we are specialists in payment systems for vending machines.

We are the best store specialized in wholesale vending products, if you want to buy vending spare parts, you are in the right online store, we have updated stock thanks to our own warehouses, we ship to Spain, France and Portugal.

In Distribución Mayorista Online you will find everything related to vending machines, no matter what you are looking for, in our online store of vending products you will find it at the best price in the market.

We are specialists in payment systems, in our catalog you will find the vending categories of wallets, cashless and coin acceptors.

We always work with the best and most popular brands of vending products, in order to offer you the highest quality in all our products.

In our online vending products store you will find the best prices on vending machine wallets, along with our spare parts and wholesale products to refill your vending machines.

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