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We are wholesale distributors of Parapharmacy vending. We distribute to professionals in the public vending sector, captive and Pharmacies.

Online Parapharmacy Wholesaler for vending

We always work with national products, always in stock and ready to be shipped. Most of our orders are delivered within 24-48 hours.

Buy parapharmacy products at the best price

In Distribución Mayorista online we are distributors of parapharmacy products for vending machines throughout Spain and Portugal.

We have our own stock of parapharmacy products for vending machines at the best price. We are also wholesale distributors of parapharmacy vending and we can guarantee a fast and efficient transport service.

In our online store you can buy parapharmacy products in promotion.

Distributor of wholesale parapharmacy products

The selection of our parapharmacy products is ideal because they are the best selling and best rated parapharmacy products for vending machines.

Parapharmacy products can be bought and sold without a prescription, making them ideal for vending. This sector is quite broad and covers a wide variety of products, but among the most sought-after are sexual health products. These and other types of pharmaceutical items are most easily distributed in vending machines, making them an excellent alternative for this type of business.

We are wholesale distributors of parapharmacy vending products for professionals in the public and captive vending sector and pharmacies. We have our own stock of products of recognized brands at the best price. We have the best offer in quality and variety, so in our catalog you will find everything you need to supply your business. Keep reading to know the items we offer you.

Sexual health parapharmacy products

The parapharmacy products you will find in our store are intended to promote sexual health, that is, the enjoyment of sexuality in a healthy and safe way. Therefore, they are indispensable for anyone with an active sex life. That is why today it is necessary to distribute them not only in traditional pharmacies, but also in more accessible places.

One of these products, and perhaps the most important, is the condom. This barrier contraceptive method is essential for those who wish to avoid unwanted pregnancies or the transmission of diseases and infections. In our stock we have condoms of different types that will suit the tastes of your customers.

In addition to prevention, another aspect that should be paid attention to in order to maintain good sexual health is comfort. For this, the ideal products are lubricants, as they help to facilitate both vaginal and anal sex. There are different types depending on the materials they are made of, but the most recommended for use with condoms are the water-based ones.

Whatever parapharmacy product you need to supply your business, we are sure you can find it in our store. Do not hesitate to place your order with us, we assure you that you will enjoy a fast and efficient service.

The best store specialized in wholesale vending products

We have a wide experience in sales and distribution of products for vending machines.

In Distribución Mayorista we are dedicated to the Online Sale of Vending Products. If you visit our website you will realize that we are the best online store for vending products. If you want to buy vending products at the best price, do not miss it. 

In our online store you will find a wide variety of vending products. We sell to vending professionals and vending machine owners. We work with the best brands of condoms, erotic toys, lubricants and sex gels. 

If you visit our online store we have the best products of parapharmacy vending. As we have mentioned in previous occasions, thanks to our extensive experience in the vending sector we can assure you that we are specialists in vending. 

We only work with the best vending brands in the market. All the products we have on our website have been tested in our vending machines and therefore we know that they are the best products. 

We are a store specialized in the wholesale of parapharmacy products for vending. We are also wholesalers of condoms and lubricant gels for pharmacies. 

Wholesale Vending Products

If you are looking for the commercialization of vending products visit our online store specialized in wholesale. We have the best offers and promotions vending products. Online Sale of Vending Products.

Our orders are delivered in 24 hours. We are an online wholesale store, with the largest catalog of products you will see in the industry. 

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