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Garbage Bag 54x60 30L Black

5,000 €

A4 Sheets 80g 500 Sheets BOX

4,650 €

Extra Industrial Automatic Hand Dryer Roll 1kg

1,900 €

We are wholesale distributors of cleaning products. We distribute cleaning products for vending to professionals.

Wholesale of vending cleaning products.

We always work with the best brands of cleaning products, always in stock and ready to be sent.

Cleaning products

Cleaning products are necessary in any public space to maintain order and cleanliness. Therefore, it is not superfluous to distribute them in vending machines located in strategic places. Some focus on the sale of detergents, disinfectants, bleach and others in bulk. However, it is also necessary to make different types of items available to our customers.

This is essential in places like offices and companies, but it can also be convenient in other facilities. That's why at Wholesale Distribution we make sure to offer a wide catalog of wholesale vending cleaning products. In addition, we have exclusive offers and promotions on all our products intended for vending machines.

So, if you want to venture into this area, you are in the right place. We have our own warehouse that allows us to have an always updated stock available. Likewise, all our products are ready to be distributed throughout Spain, France and Portugal in less than 48 hours. Below, we tell you why it is worth distributing this type of articles.

Potential of vending cleaning products

Before deciding to start any kind of vending machine business, we recommend you to choose the site strategically. Make sure that in the place where you are going to install your first machines there are people interested in the type of products you offer. In the case of cleaning products for vending, the ideal is to sell them in places that must be kept hygienic.

In almost all offices, companies, hospitals and schools there are cleaning staff. However, the task of maintaining the physical condition of these institutions should not fall on them alone. Vending machines can help make it easier to find the items needed to help with this task.

Some of the most important and basic products are: garbage bags, masks, hydroalcoholic gels, toilet paper and hand dryers. In our online store you can find them wholesale with the best price in the market. Do not hesitate to place your order with us.

Wholesalers of vending cleaning products

In our online store we have different products of vending consumables at the best price in the market. We have exclusive offers and promotions on all our products for sale in vending and impulse vending machines. 

Visit our website and discover our wide range of vending products that you will surely love. We have our own warehouse that allows us to have stock available and always updated.

All our products are available on our wholesale distribution website as the vending cleaning products ready to be distributed throughout Spain, France and Portugal.  

Distributors of vending cleaning products

We are wholesale distributors specialized in the sale of consumable vending products such as cleaning products. We have hydro alcoholic gels, masks or garbage bags, always at the best price and available for shipment in less than 48 hours.

  • Airtight self-closing bags in various sizes. 

  • Individual plastic spoon

  • Bag with fork, knife and napkin

  • Small and large perforated plastic boxes

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