OCB Blue X-Pert

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OCB Premium Rolls

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OCB Premium Slim

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OCB Premium Slim + Filters

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OCB Filtros Tips

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Filters Ocb Slim 6mm, 150ud

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OCB Premium 1.1/4

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OCB X-Pert Platinium 1.1/4

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OCB X-Pert Platinium Slim

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Ocb Premium Gold Slim

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OCB Premium 1.1/4 + Filters

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OCB Stick Premium Slim filters 5.7 mm 120 units

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We are wholesale distributors of OCB paper. We distribute to professionals in the vending sector, tobacconists and impulse.

Distributor of OCB cigarette papers and filters wholesale for vending

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Wholesaler OCB - Rolling papers and filters

Buy OCB paper wholesale at the best price in the market, in Distribución Mayorista we work with the best brands of articles for the smoker to always offer the best quality in all our products and services. 

OCB is a centenary company of French origin that from its beginnings has been dedicated to the production of rolling paper booklets among others. Although it has always had a large market share in the sector, it was not until the late 90's and early 2000's when, thanks to its OCB Premium range, its fame soared to become one of the world's leading rolling paper manufacturers.

Today it produces different types of OCB rolling papers such as Blue X-pert, Virgin Slim or its star product, Premium. In addition, in the last decade it has also launched itself into the filter market, including in its catalog products such as Virgin Filters Tips or 6mm Slim foam filters.

OCB paper wholesale

In our online store you can find a wide variety of products of the brand, such as the Premium Slim smoking booklets, X-pert Platinum papers or the OCB Premium 1.1/4 booklet, the most used size by smokers, we have ocb paper at the best price.

From the wide range of its products, we have made a selection of the best sellers and best rated of the brand for our vending machine customers.

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