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Anal Beads Thai Toy Beads Blue bag

1,980 €

Anal Beads Thai Toy Beads Pink bag

2,050 €

S8 Anal Lubricant 50ml

3,900 €

Fluorescent Pink T Anal Vibrator

6,530 €

Double Digger Dong 45cm Violet

14,000 €

Anal Plug Booty Call Assorted Colors

6,050 €

Double Mini Dong Twinhead 30cm

6,820 €

Black Crushious Anal Beads

3,420 €

Bijou Crushious Anal Plug

4,600 €

Double Dong 16 Inch

12,900 €

Plug Anal Bijou Crushious M 8cm

4,980 €

Satisfyer Booty Call

12,350 €

Vibrating Butt Plug

1,400 €

Plug Anal Cuore Crushious S 7cm

3,900 €

Double Dong 14 Inch

12,780 €

We are wholesale distributors of Anal Toys and Plugs. We distribute all kinds of erotic toys such as vibrators or chinese balls to professionals in the vending and catering industry.

Distributor of anal toys and plugs for erotic games wholesale.

We always work with quality products, always in stock and ready to be shipped. Most of our orders are delivered within 24-48 hours.

Wholesalers of anal toys and plugs

At we have a large number of sex-shop products for sale. We have a wide assortment of erotic toys of the best brands of the moment with incredible offers and promotions. 

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Erotic products are more and more demanded, that is why in wholesale distribution we have a wide selection of sex-shop items. Enter our website and check our product catalog where you will surely find all the necessary products for your vending machines and impulse.

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Anal toys and plugs distributors

We are wholesale distributors of anal toys and plugs with the best price in the market. We have our own warehouse that allows us to always have updated stock to ship in less than 48 hours to Spain, France and Portugal.

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