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We are wholesale distributors of Pringles. We distribute Pringles potato chips to professionals in the vending and hospitality industry.

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We always work with national product, always in stock and ready to be shipped.

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In 1956, Procter & Gamble commissioned chemist Fredric Bauar to develop a new recipe for potato snacks that would not break, were not so greasy and whose packaging did not contain air. It took two years to come up with the formula, but although it met all the requirements, the taste was not entirely convincing. The project went cold for a few years and was revived in the mid-1960s by Alexander Liepa, who was able to add a very pleasant taste.

The product began to be sold in 1968 in the United States. Its name was originally "Pringles Newfangled Potato Chips", but was eventually shortened to "Pringles".

The first Pringles campaigns compared the product with other potato chip brands. They emphasized, however, that they were easy to eat and did not stain hands.

The brand's explosion was seen in the 1980s, supported by an ambitious and successful communication strategy.

In 1991, Pringles began to be marketed internationally. By the middle of the decade, the brand was already very popular in Europe, Latin America and Asia.

Over the next two decades, Pringles experienced significant global growth. By 2011, it was selling its products in more than 140 countries and its sales represented 2.2% of the entire snack sector: it had become one of the most important brands in its field.

During the last decade, Pringles has positioned itself as a brand highly desired by advertising agencies. The versatility of its image and the charisma of the product gave free rein to creativity so that its spots and advertisements were consecrated in the main festivals.

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In Distribución Mayorista we are Pringles wholesalers, we have a great variety of Pringles flavors for vending and impulse.

We are specialists in vending potato chips, in our online store you will find the best vending snacks wholesale and at the best prices for your vending machines and impulse.

In our catalog you will find all our snacks, among them we highlight the potato chips, we only work with the best and most popular brands of the moment.

Buy Pringles potato chips wholesale, we are specialists in vending.

We have the best prices in vending, take advantage of our offers and volume discounts.

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