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Meatballs with Tomato Sauce 300g Carretilla

2,250 €

Fideua 250g Carretilla

1,750 €

Seafood Paella 250g Carretilla

1,750 €

Veal to the gardener 300g Carretilla

3,060 €

Lasagne Bolognese 375g Carretilla

2,000 €

Macaroni Bolognese 325g Carretilla

1,620 €

Garlic Chicken with Roasted Potatoes 250g Carretilla

2,500 €

Pasta/Tuna Salad 240g Carretilla

1,440 €

Pasta Salad with Ham 240g Carretilla

1,440 €

Rice Salad with Sea Sticks 240g Carretilla

1,440 €

Russian Salad 240g Carretilla

1,440 €
Tuna in Sunflower Oil Calvo 111g-Distribución Mayorista
  • -8%

Tuna in Sunflower Oil Calvo 111g

1,060 € 1.151 €

Meat Cannelloni 250g Carretilla

2,000 €

We are wholesale distributors of ready meals for vending machines.

Wholesale distribution of ready meals at the best price

In recent years there have been changes in the habits of society that result in less time to perform household chores, which in turn leads to a rise in demand for ready meals in our society. Likewise, the consumption of meals outside the home and the need for quick and minimal preparation of meals has become widespread.

In Distribución Mayorista Online you will find the best food vending in the market, we have the best ready meals for vending machines and impulse.

We are wholesale distributors of vending products, enter our catalog of vending products and discover all our categories of vending products at the best price, save money on your orders thanks to our offers and promotions vending.

We have the best prices in the vending sector, you will not find a better online store for vending products than ours!

Advantages of ready meals

  • They are easy to prepare: it is easy to make a quick menu since many preparations of this type require only 5 minutes compared to the long times of traditional cooking.
  • Long shelf life: as they are dishes with a long shelf life of months or even years, they allow us to have a large stock of products for their use. In the case of ready meals that do not require refrigeration, we can use them in situations such as travel, if we do not have cold storage, etc.
  • Great variety: thanks to the growing offer, it is possible to taste preparations from international cuisines that would otherwise be difficult for us. The number of dishes prepared for people with special needs, such as "light", "low sodium", "cholesterol-free", "sugar-free", etc., has also increased.

In conclusion, we can assure that ready meals are very safe foods for the end consumer thanks to the technological processes and controls to which they are subjected by the industry before their final sale and that they can be included in a varied and balanced diet.

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