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Pack Fork, Knife, Spoon and Napkin

0,100 €

Wooden Stirrer 90mm

0,004 €

Wooden Stirrer 105mm

0,005 €

Individual Packed Teaspoon

0,042 €

Plastic Brush 105mm

0,005 €

Plastic Brush 90mm

0,004 €

We distribute to professionals in the vending sector, hospitality sector and companies in general. We have all kinds of packing.

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Wholesaler of vending trays and cutlery 

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We are a wholesale distributor of vending machines and cutlery. We have our own warehouses and a large stock of consumables, so orders arrive faster. In our consumables section you can find a wide range of consumables on offer for vending and consumables on promotion among which are:

  • Vending cups at the best price

  • Airtight bags with self-closing in various sizes 

  • Individual plastic spoon

  • Bag with fork, knife and napkin

  • Small and large perforated plastic boxes

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