We are Puleva wholesale distributors of delicious cold coffee. We distribute Puleva products to vending and hospitality professionals.

Wholesale of Puleva coffees

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Puleva Wholesaler

In 1910, a group of industrialists from the commerce and hotel industry of Granada joined together with the aim of coordinating the supply of wines, spirits and brandies. They would later start the manufacture and local distribution of ice, siphons and soft drinks, years later they would become Puleva.

In 1982, the infant nutrition division was developed, thus initiating its entry into the baby food sector, its first facilities allowed the manufacture of two types of products: milk for infants and milk-based porridges for the second age.

Puleva acquired 75% of the Leyma/Ram group in 1999, which was completed with the purchase of the remaining 25% in June 2000. It also acquired the Granja Castelló Group in 2000, forming the leading group in the dairy sector in Spain.

Puleva wholesale

Sale of Puleva products at the best price in the market, in wholesale distribution we always work with the best quality products such as chocolate milkshakes and cold coffees of the legendary brand Puleva. 

If you want to buy Puleva wholesale, in Distribución Mayorista we have the best prices. Puleva is a brand with almost 100 years of history, which makes it the national reference in dairy products. Nowadays, the company has been innovating in flavors and adapting to the new times by launching a wide range of products.

Puleva has created a unique and unrepeatable flavor based on its formula. After sixty anniversaries, Puleva has become an iconic brand in our country, being a benchmark in the dairy sector and the favorite of many consumers. Throughout these years it has remained on the crest of the wave, adapting to the needs of consumers and striving to innovate throughout its range of products.

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