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OCB Premium 1.1/4

0,230 €

Briquet Stone Colours

0,100 €

Lighter Clipper CP11 New Model Assortment

0,390 €

OCB Premium Slim

0,270 €

Gizeh 1.1/4

0,200 €

Raw Classic 1.1/4

0,280 €

Krypton filters 6mm 200 pcs.

0,450 €

Raw Classic Slim

0,290 €

Smoking Brown 1.1/4

0,350 €

OCB Blue X-Pert

0,165 €

Smoking Deluxe 1.1/4

0,320 €

Smoking Deluxe Slim + Filters

0,660 €

OCB Premium Slim + Filters

0,560 €

Smoking Deluxe Slim

0,300 €

OCB Filtros Tips

0,150 €

Smoking Blue Nº8

0,190 €

Raw Rolls 3m

0,530 €

Rizla Silver 1.1/4

0,280 €

Perforated Raw Cardboard Filter

0,175 €

OCB Premium Rolls

0,550 €

Smoking Deluxe 1.1/4 + Filters

0,670 €

Paper Aledinha 1.1/4

0,415 €

Smoking Brown Slim

0,330 €

Aleda Slim Transparent Paper

0,460 €

Raw Classic Nº8

0,200 €

We are wholesale distributors of Smoking Articles for vending machines. We distribute to professionals in the vending, tobacco and impulse sector.

Wholesale distributor of Smoking Articles for vending and tobacconists.

We always work with national product, always in stock and ready to be shipped. Most of our orders are delivered within 24-48 hours.

In this Distribución Mayorista section you can buy wholesale smoking products at the best price. 

Articles for smokers

Smokers can benefit a lot from vending machines, as there are a lot of items that can be found in them: rolling papers, lighters, filters, grinders and even pipes. Nowadays vending machines are not limited only to food and beverages, so they can offer useful products for different audiences.

If you want to start offering items for smokers in your vending machines, you are in the right place. At Wholesale Distribution we distribute this type of products wholesale. We work with the leading manufacturers in the sector to always offer the best quality in all our products and services.

What smoking items do we offer?

On our website you will find all the necessary items for any smoker who has just a little bit of tobacco to assemble and smoke their own cigarettes wherever they are.

Cigarette rolling papers

Smoking papers are the most important tools for smokers. We have booklets of different types of materials, sizes, porosity and colors. Therefore, we have the ideal product for all tastes and needs.


It's no use having a cigarette if you don't have a lighter. That is why we also offer cheap lighters of excellent quality, with varied designs and colors.


In addition to smoking papers, filters determine the quality of cigarettes. They also come in different types, materials, sizes, lengths and diameters. Some even come with additives and artificial flavors.


These tools are also known as grinders or grinders. They are used to grind tobacco, which helps to improve its quality, taste and smell. They can also be used to transport tobacco and facilitate its consumption.


Some people prefer to smoke with pipes, so it is also worth offering these products in vending machines. They are manufactured in different materials and sizes, so you will find several models in our catalog.

Don't miss the opportunity to offer all these smoking items in your vending machines. Expand your audience with the variety of items we have to offer at the best price and quality.

Smoking articles wholesaler

In Distribución Mayorista we work with the leading manufacturers in the industry to always offer the best quality in all our products and services.

Visiting our website you will find a selection of the best items for the smoker. We have a large stock of rolling papers, lighters of various types, tobacco filters or pipes in different sizes and formats.

We are suppliers of smoking articles for vending machines and in our store you can find the best offers in lighters.

Browsing our website you can find wholesale grinder prices and smoking pipes at good prices.

Smoking articles for vending and tobacconists at wholesale prices

We are wholesale distributors of smoking articles, tobacconists and impulse, and we have the best products of rolling papers, lighters, filters or grinders and pipes. We distribute to professionals in the vending and impulse sector.

The best store specializing in wholesale vending products.

We are specialists in the Online Sale of Vending Products. If you want an online sale of vending products visit our website. We have the best vending products in the sector. We are wholesale distributors of vending products.

Wholesalers Vending Products 

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