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The history of Pastas Gallo began in 1946 when José Espona, only 20 years old, founded the company by acquiring a flour factory in Rubí (Barcelona).

In 1952, a new factory was built in Terrassa (Barcelona), where the previous manufacturing plant was moved. In this way, the range of products was expanded with the incorporation of special flours for confectionery, churros and pasta.

In 1958, the company acquired the flour factory of El Carpio (Córdoba) and transformed it into a semolina factory. A little more than a decade later, Pastas Gallo could be found in more than 100,000 points of sale throughout Spain. 

Now in the 21st century, and after the death of its founder, Pastas Gallo continues his legacy of taking on new challenges, such as the launch of a whole range of gluten-free products (2004), new varieties of whole-grain pasta and a new range of classic pasta that can be prepared in just 3 minutes (2013).

In 2015, the Esparraguera (Barcelona) factory became the only one in the country to produce gluten-free pasta exclusively. Today, Pastas Gallo products are consumed in more than 40 different countries.

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