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Candies are essential sweets in vending machines. Not only are they ideal for children or young people, but adults can enjoy them in the middle of their daily routine. Moreover, if consumed in moderation, they are not as bad for health as many believe.

The purpose of vending machines is to make available to the public useful and necessary products for their daily lives. Although they can be obtained in any store, in this way they become much more accessible and easier to buy.

That is why in Distribución Mayorista we take care of offering the largest catalog of items for vending. We work with the best suppliers in the national and international industry to offer excellent value for money. Below, we tell you a little more about what you will find in this section.

Benefits of candy

It is true that consuming candy in excess can cause health problems. However, little is said about the positive effects that candies can bring to our organism.

They reduce acidity

Consuming candy increases our production of saliva, which is essential for the functioning of enzymes that are responsible for removing acidity from food and beverages. Depending on their flavors and ingredients, they can also have other positive effects on the stomach.

Decrease appetite

Candies can be useful when we are hungry but still can't eat, as they are high in carbohydrates and give a short feeling of satiety. Similarly, they can positively influence digestion, as they stimulate liver activity.

They alleviate symptoms of diseases

Citrus candies, such as lemon candies, can help reduce sore throats. Some can even keep us free from colds, coughs and fever. They are also great for keeping your mouth well hydrated and preventing hoarseness.

In our store you will find the best selling and best rated candy flavors by consumers. We offer all ranges of flavors such as mint flavor, strawberry flavor, tropical flavor among others. Buy with us and offer the best quality in your vending business.

We are wholesale distributors of candies for vending machines. We distribute to professionals of the vending sector, tobacconists and impulse.

Wholesale distributor of candies for vending and impulse.

We always work with national product, always in stock and ready to be shipped.

Candy Wholesaler

In online wholesale distribution we have a great assortment of candies wholesale at the best price in the market. In wholesale distribution we work with leading candy manufacturers to always offer the best quality in all our products and services. 

In the gum and candy section of our website we have a selection of the best candy brands with the best prices, offers and promotions.

Within each manufacturer we have the best selling candy flavors and best valued by consumers. In most brands you can find all ranges of flavors such as mint flavor, strawberry flavor, Tropical flavor among others.

In our candies for sale in vending machines you can find different combinations of different flavors, Strawberry and Lime or Peach among others.

The candies we sell are some of the best sellers so we have all the products, such as Halls brand products, or Mentos.

Wholesale candies

In addition to the usual brands of candies, you can also find in this category, candies of the Villa brand or Fiesta candies.

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  • Promotional candies

  • Wholesale distribution of candies

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