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Navidul Wholesaler

Navidul is a Spanish cured ham food company belonging to the multinational Sigma Alimentos. Founded in 1976 by Manuel Díaz Ruíz and his wife Lourdes del Río in Torrijos, Toledo, today it is a national and international import company.

In 1967, the marriage of Manuel Díaz Ruíz, a slaughterer by trade, and Lourdes del Río in Torrijos decided to open a small store in order to sell chorizos, sausages and bacon. Soon, in the 1970s, they had to enlarge their company, and by 1973 they turned to focus solely on cured ham among their products. Thereafter, the company took the name Navidul in 1976.

In 2020 Navidul became one of the first Spanish brands to incorporate blockchain technology into its Iberian pieces.

Currently, although Navidul has white and Iberian cured ham, it also produces other products such as sausages, cheeses or lacón.

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