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El Pozo Alimentación S.A., better known as ElPozo, is a Spanish company in the food sector with headquarters in Alhama de Murcia. The company is currently part of the Fuertes Group.

The company was founded in 1954, and its origins date back to a delicatessen store opened in the Spanish city of Alhama de Murcia in 1936.

In 1954 the industrial production activity began with the first sausage factory and the commercialization of products at a regional level. Later, in 1971 the first refrigerated slaughterhouse and quartering room was started up, and from that moment on, processed and fresh meat products were marketed.

In 1979, part of the current factory was inaugurated and the company began its great commercial expansion, leading to its first television advertising campaign.

ElPozo exceeds one billion in turnover and reaffirms its leadership as the brand most present in Spanish households.

In 2019, ElPozo Alimentación celebrated its 65th anniversary.

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