Important to note:

  • Distribución Mayorista only sends by refrigerated transport the products that are included in the refrigerated food category. Therefore, it is not responsible for the possible deterioration of the products due to the weather conditions of each province.

  • If there is an incident, it is MANDATORY to leave a record in the delivery note. If the delivery note with incident is signed, the next step is to send the incident via email to and our customer service will proceed to process it. If, on the contrary, the delivery note with incident is not signed, Distribución Mayorista will not be responsible for the incident. We remind our customers that the claim period is 24 hours after receiving the order.

  • All free shipping promotions offered by Distribución Mayorista are only valid in Spain and Portugal (Peninsula). Wholesale Distribution informs our customers that, although shipping is completely free when there is a promotion, the minimum purchase order is still €70 excluding taxes.

  • Sector Vending S.L.U and Distribución Mayorista reserves at its own discretion the right to refuse an order from any customer without the need to expressly justify such refusal.

  • Distribución Mayorista guarantees that the products will arrive to the customer with a minimum of 2 months of expiration date. If, on the other hand, the product does not have the 2 months guaranteed expiration date, it will always be indicated on the website.

From Distribución Mayorista we do everything in our power to ensure that our customers receive their orders as soon as possible.

Our online store will automatically indicate the cost of shipping costs, which always vary depending on the weight and volume of the order. The amount of the shipping costs is always indicated before paying the order, so the customer always knows the price of the shipping before paying it.

Orders are shipped through different transport companies. The customer can select the company of his choice. Distribución Mayorista will respect the customer's decision whenever possible. Since the transport agencies have certain hours of collection in our warehouse.

The orders are processed the same day of receiving the payment, being the time limit 12:00 noon for parcels and 16:00 noon for pallets. If the deadline is exceeded, the order will be shipped the next day.

Distribución Mayorista does not deliver on weekends or holidays. Transportation agencies also do not deliver on the dates mentioned above.

If the order exceeds approximately 70kg, it will be shipped by a palletizing agency, the final decision is made by the warehouse managers. Distribución Mayorista respects the customer's decision regarding the choice of transport. Since, the transport agencies have certain hours of collection in our warehouse. 

The transport agencies that Distribución Mayorista works with have delivery times but they are always estimated. Parcel agencies deliver in 24-72 hours estimated, while pallet agencies work with delivery times of 48-96 hours. Always counting from the moment they leave our facilities.

Distribución Mayorista cannot indicate a specific time of delivery since it depends on the transport agency. Neither can it require the transport agency to call the customer by telephone before delivery. In any case, the telephone number is always indicated on the delivery note.

If the customer is not at the delivery address, the transport company will leave a note indicating that the customer can pick up the package at the nearest transport office.

The delivery person makes at least 2 delivery attempts, one on the same day and in case the customer is not at the address another delivery attempt is made on the next business day.

When the customer receives the order, it is MANDATORY that he/she checks it in the presence of the delivery person in case there is any incidence with the order. Either by lack or breakage of the goods. Distribución Mayorista cannot take charge of the merchandise that the clients claim, unless it is reflected in the delivery note.If there is any incident, the customer has to communicate such incident to the Distribución Mayorista customer service department by e-mail In case of breakage, the customer must send images of the products individually. This is the only way that Distribución Mayorista has to claim to the company of transport the lack and/or breakage of the merchandise in the shipments.

Carriers will leave palletized orders on the ground at the delivery address, but are not required to handle or move the pallet anywhere.

If a customer benefits from the free transport offered by Distribución Mayorista, the customer will not be able to return the order due to late delivery of the same. In case of return, the customer is obliged to bear the costs incurred. These costs include transport and handling costs. 

It also works with a refrigerated transport agency, Seur Frío. Which delivers within 24 hours. Only refrigerated food orders (fast food, cold meats, ready meals and sandwiches) are shipped by this transport agency.

Sandwich orders must be placed on Mondays and Wednesdays before 8:00 am. This way we guarantee the maximum expiration date possible. We only ship refrigerated food to Spain Peninsula and Portugal.

In order to buy from Distribución Mayorista if your company does not belong to Spain, France or Portugal, you will have to manage the transport on your own. We only sell to professionals, so individuals are not allowed. 

France and Portugal

If a customer places an order for the first time from France or Portugal, Distribución Mayorista will call the customer to verify that the INTRA-COMMUNITY VAT number is active. Once this number has been verified, the customer will be able to make purchases normally.

Canary Islands

The shipment of goods to the Canary Islands has an approximate delivery time of 7 days (excluding weekends and holidays) approximately. Orders shipped to the Canary Islands are not subject to VAT as they depend on the IGIC tax and will be processed by customs once they arrive there. If the customer places an order from the Canary Islands, he/she must take into account that he/she ACCEPTS any possible customs charges, which have no relation with Distribución Mayorista.


Regarding refunds, the customer has a period of 24 hours from the receipt of the order to inform Distribución Mayorista of any error or damage to the goods. 

As previously communicated, before making the claim, the customer MUST inform the customer service department via email at

If the reason for the return is that an item is defective or does not correspond to the one requested in the order, Distribución Mayorista will bear the cost of the return and the new shipment.

Since the existence of Covid 19, product returns are not accepted due to poor turnover in customer sales due to sanitary and hygienic standards.

Distribución Mayorista does not accept returns of products with special offers such as 'Best Before Date'.

Order cancellation

If the customer cancels the order before its preparation, the full amount will be refunded. On the contrary, if the cancellation arrives when the order is placed or sent, the customer has to pay the amount corresponding to the preparation and shipping costs. The customer will bear the total cost of transport.

For the resolution of any litigious matter arising from the commercial relationship, the customer waives its own jurisdiction and expressly submits to the courts and tribunals of A Coruña.

If you have any doubts or queries, you can contact the Distribución Mayorista customer service team by email: or by phone at 900 820 056 or by WhatsApp at 699 906 273.

NOTE: The prices shown throughout the website are exclusive of VAT, which is applied at 4%, 10% or 21% of the value of each product once the purchase is made. Delivery times are estimates and are in no way binding for Distribución Mayorista.

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