We are wholesale distributors of Risi products for vending machines. We distribute Risi snacks to professionals in the vending and impulse sector.

Risi wholesale distributor for vending machines

We always work with product in stock and ready to be shipped. Most of our orders are delivered within 24 hours.

Risi Wholesaler - Salty snacks

Always find the best products on our website, where you can buy wholesale Risi products at the best price in the market, in wholesale distribution we work with leading manufacturers in each sector to always offer the best quality in all our products and services. 

Risi was born in 1970, after the acquisition of the company Chips Ibérica, S.A., located in the town of Torrejón de Ardoz. After the modernization and expansion of the facilities, in 1975 it suffered a fire that totally destroyed the machinery.

At that time, the brand decided to expand its activity to extruded corn snacks and salted snacks, and to build a new factory in Daganzo de Arriba, where it is still located today.

Innovation and quality are priorities at Risi, which is why they have been IFS (International Food Standard) certified since December 2006.

In these more than 40 years of history Risi has always been among the leading brands in the sector in Spain and strive to offer you the best products, always at the height of your tastes.

Risi products are ideal for sale in vending machines.

Risi products wholesale

We are wholesale distributors of Risi, in our wholesale store of vending products you will find the best vending snacks, we have the best prices in Risi snacks wholesale.

We specialize in vending extruded snacks, in our catalog of vending products we have a great selection of snacks of the most famous brands in the market, we only work with the best brands, in order to offer the highest quality at the lowest price.

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Risi manufactures around 300 million bags of salty snacks, in more than 60 presentations, including potato straws, Original Risketos, MatchBall Cheese or Original Triskys, among others.

  • Ketchup straws
  • Risketos
  • Villa Buscalíos
  • Triskys
  • Match Ball Ketchup
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