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We are wholesale distributors of Fini, jelly beans, candies and sweets. We distribute Fini products to professionals in the vending and hospitality sector.

Fini jelly beans wholesale

We always work with national product, always in stock and ready to be shipped.

Fini Wholesaler - Jelly beans, candies and sweets

In Distribución Mayorista we work with manufacturers such as Golosinas Fini, leaders in the gummies and candies sector to always offer the best quality in all our products. If you want only the best products and the best quality you can buy Fini products wholesale and at the best price in the market in our online store.

The history of Fini is a story of illusion and effort that began in Molina de Segura (Murcia), in May 1971, as a small artisan chewing gum factory run by Manuel Sánchez Cano. In the kitchen, Don Manuel and his wife prepared the recipes, while their children packed the candies and cycled through the streets of little Murcia.

Since its beginnings, Fini has maintained throughout all these years a constant trajectory of investment and research to offer the best products on the market with a clear objective of expansion.

Fini Golosinas is a Spanish company with an experience of over 40 years, it is also the largest Spanish company in the manufacture and distribution of candy, which gives us the security of working with the best. The brand is the leader in Spain in the sale of jelly candy, marshmallow and licorice among other types of candies and gummies of 100 grams.

In wholesale Fini Golosinas has become the fastest growing confectionery company, up 49.1%, in 2015. Fini is the industry leader thanks to its unique and transgressive products, recognizable by consumers of all ages.

Fini candies wholesale

In Distribución Mayorista we have up to 40 varieties of jelly beans, candies and sweets at the best price of the well-known Spanish brand that you can buy at the best price and for vending machines.

Among its products in our catalog, best valued we can find:

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