Ruffles Ham 45g

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Ruffles Original 45g

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Ruffles Ham 31g

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Buy Ruffles online wholesale

In Wholesale Distribution we are specialists in the sale of vending products. Buy wholesale Ruffles at the best prices.

Buy wholesale Ruffles

Discover our range of products Ruffles

Ruffles is a brand of wavy English fries produced by Frito-Lay, owned by PepsiCo. Curly potatoes are designed to create a more robust, crispier and less prone to breakage in the bag, to stay firm also with the use of sauces. Among them we can highlight its barbecue flavor, ham and cheese, ketchup and many more really authentic and delicious flavors. 

In Wholesale Distribution we offer a wide selection of snacks, as well as a variety of flavours and presentations of the ruffles.

In our online shop we have the following flavors of ruffles:

- Ham Ruffles 45g.

- Ruffles Original 45g.

Get your bag of Ruffles potatoes, or any other kind of savoury snacks on our website. 

Advantage of buying wholesale Ruffles

We have the best products for vending.

We are wholesalers and distributors of Ruffles and all types of PepsiCo brand products. 

Our professional company in the distribution of products for vending machines has extensive experience in the sector, offering efficient and impeccable logistics as well as having the most competitive prices on the market. 

We only work with the best and most popular brands of products, you will not find a supplier with better prices than ours, you will not regret placing your orders with us. We make fast and efficient deliveries to Spain, France and Portugal. 

Do not hesitate to take a look at our catalogue, we have all the necessary products for vending machines.

Why Buy Ruffles at Wholesale Distribution?

In Wholesale Distribution we are suppliers of vending products and distributors of Ruffles with more than 10 years of experience. We are proud of the quality and customer service we provide. Customer satisfaction is our top priority and we offer after-sales service with customized options. 

Benefits of including Ruffles products for vending

Ruffles is one of PepsiCo's most popular brands. Wavy French fries, ideal for vending and boost vending machines, perfect for taking anywhere. Its individual packaging is of the most practical and eye-catching to buy at the best price in Wholesale Distribution.

Ruffles FAQ

What is the price of wholesale Ruffles?

The price of wholesale Ruffles varies depending on the market, but in our Wholesale Distribution online store we always offer the best prices for Ruffles potatoes.

Can I combine Ruffles products with other snacks in the same vending machine?

Yes, of course, you can combine Ruffles products with other snacks in the same vending machine, such as other types of potatoes or salty and sweet snacks, as well as drinks, to offer a perfect picnic combo.

How can I order wholesale Ruffles products?

You can place an order for wholesale Ruffles products from our website very easily, you just have to register at and select the products you want and complete your order, your packages of Ruffles potatoes will arrive comfortably at your home.

What is the minimum amount of Ruffles I can buy?

There is no minimum quantity of Ruffles to purchase, you can purchase Ruffles products per unit or take advantage of the quantity and volume discounts that we always have available.

What is the usual expiration date for Ruffles products?

The usual expiration date of the Ruffles products that we sell on our website will always be greater than the two-month margin until the expiration date.

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