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Danone Group, better known as Danone, is a multinational agri-food company based in Paris, France. It has four activities: fresh dairy products, waters, infant nutrition and medical nutrition.

The Danone company was founded in 1919 by Isaac Carasso in Barcelona as a small artisanal factory producing yogurt at 16 Calle de los Angeles, in the Raval.

Yogurt was an artisanal product from the Balkans made from milk and lactic ferment with properties and health benefits unknown in the rest of the world. It was this engineer of Sephardic origin, who arrived in Barcelona in the 1910s with his family, who started manufacturing it on an industrial scale.

From his workshop in Barcelona, Carasso set himself the goal of popularizing yogurt and began to market it in pharmacies because of its health benefits for children and, in homage to his son's nickname, decided to call his company 'Danone'.

In a short time, yogurt enjoyed the recognition and support of the scientific community, leading to the birth of the first company to market yogurt on a large scale in the world. A century later, it remains among the world leaders in the food industry.

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