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We are wholesale distributors of Tosfrit products for vending machines. We distribute Tosfrit snacks to professionals of the vending and impulse sector.

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Wholesale Tosfrit products at the best price in the market, in wholesale distribution we are specialists in selling salty snacks with the best prices in the market. All our Tosfrit products are ready to be shipped in record time. 

Tosfrit is a brand of salty snacks located in Manzanares (Spain). It begins its production of extruded food, pellets and potato chips for impulse, horeca and vending channel consumption in 1990 with its famous Apetinas, which soon became its star product.

From the Manzanares facilities, the company produces foodstuffs for distribution in more than 20 countries, including Morocco, Portugal, France, Italy and England. Thanks to this, it has obtained different certifications and quality awards.

In its factory, as well as in all the areas related to Tostados y Fritos S.A. there are more than 150 workers, making it one of the most dynamic companies in the sector where the quality of the product and the constant investment in research, development and innovation prevail.

Tosfrit snacks distributors

Wholesale distributors specialized in the sale of salty snacks. Visit our online catalog and discover all our Tosfrit brand products with the best prices in the market: 

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