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José de Garavilla y Quintana founded in 1887, in Elantxobe, the foundations of what today is one of the largest fishing and canning groups in Europe.

They soon moved to Bermeo, which had a port and a larger fleet, allowing a better supply of raw materials and facilitating the marketing of the product.

In the 1960s, the Isabel brand was created, founding up to 11 factories throughout the Peninsula and the Canary Islands under the principle that "canned fish is canned where there is fish".

In 1999 Conservas Garavilla created the new range of Garavilla products, a high and varied range of products that satisfies the most demanding palates in the market.

Isabel presents its new Bol salads in 2004, these new salads, in aluminum Bol can, with fork, lid and super easy opening, are a healthy solution of elaborated food adapted to the new times.

In 2013, the reformulation of the salads was carried out by launching the optimized range and improved recipe but also expanded the range of ready meals.

Isabel products wholesale

In 2002 the company opened its new headquarters and production center in the town of Mundaka, replacing the old factory in Bermeotarra.

Among its wide range of products we can highlight:

  • Isabel Italian Salad 160g wholesale
  • Isabel Mediterranean salad 160g on offer 
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