Frequently Asked Questions

Who can buy in wholesale distribution?

Distribución Mayorista is an online store for vending professionals, freelancers and / or companies. 

What kind of companies or freelancers can buy in Wholesale Distribution?

Any type of company and/or self-employed can buy in Wholesale Distribution. Whether it is dedicated to the vending sector or not.

How do I buy in your store?

To be able to buy in Distribución Mayorista, you must first register as a customer.  As soon as you are registered you can place your first order (if shipping and invoicing are for Spain). In order to place this order in preparation, the Distribución Mayorista customer service will contact you. We do this to check that all shipping and billing information is correct.

If your shipment and invoice are for any other country, the customer service team will contact you before placing the order in preparation.

If you do not know how to register as a customer you can enter the following link, where we explain step by step how to create your account in Wholesale Distribution. We will also be happy to help you by phone, you can call us at 699 906 273.


What are the shipping costs?

We work with different carriers, the shipping costs are calculated depending on the distance, weight and dimensions of your order. The website itself calculates the price of transport without the need to pay the order.

When will I receive my order?

Processing and shipping:

Orders paid by credit card are processed and shipped on the same day, with the cut-off time being 12:00 noon.  After that time the order is prepared for shipment the next day.

If you choose to pay by bank transfer, we must verify the payment before proceeding to process and ship your order, which may take a few days depending on the bank from which the transfer is made, but if you send us the proof of the transfer by email, it will be prepared and shipped the same day.

Transport and delivery:

Orders are delivered within an estimated 24 to 96 hours, from the time they leave our warehouse depending on which transportation agency you choose.

It is important to take into account that transportation agencies do not deliver on weekends or holidays. This period may be altered by various factors beyond the control of Wholesale Distribution, such as adverse weather conditions, strikes and other force majeure.

Where are the products you sell from?

The vast majority of the products we sell are produced in the EU. Only in some cases it is necessary to import products from other countries to meet the demand while maintaining the best possible market price. In the latter cases we use stickers with the translations of the ingredients, thus complying with the regulations in force in each country.

What happens if a product breaks or my order is not correct?

In order to be able to process any incident, it is absolutely necessary that, in the delivery note of the carrier the incident is notified. Since, if there is no record in the delivery note Wholesale Distribution can not take charge of the incident. 

With each order we ship we enclose a return and claims form to facilitate the procedures in case of any incident with your order. You must fill it out in detail and send it to us by email. 

NOTICE: In case your order is by pallet, you must check it before signing the delivery note and if there is any incidence reflect it on it, otherwise we can not assume the cost of missing or damaged products.

What are the expiration dates of the products?

We have a wide variety of products with different expiration dates. We always send the products with a minimum of two months of margin until the expiration date. All products that do not meet these two months, have their exact expiration date indicated on the web.

Can I change my billing details at any time?

Yes, no problem. But it is MANDATORY to send an email notifying the change of data. 

If the customer does not notify via email to of the change of data and, subsequently, needs to change the data in any invoice will be charged management costs amounting to € 3.99 for each invoice to be paid.

To which countries do you ship your products?

We ship our products to any EU country. In the case of Spain, Portugal and France, the site calculates the costs automatically when you place your order.

For the rest of the EU countries for the moment it is necessary to ask us for a personalized quotation through our email

I still have a question, how can I contact you to ask you?

You can contact us:

By phone: 900 820 056 (toll free).

By Whatsapp: 699 906 273

By email:

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