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Milkybar White Chocolate 100g Nestlé

0,945 €

Milka Lu 35g

0,430 €

Milka Bubbly 90g

0,730 €

Milka Daim 100g

0,650 €

Huesitos x2 40g

0,340 €
Kinder Surprise Egg 20g Kinder Surprise Egg 20g 2
  • -27%

Kinder Surprise Egg 20g

0,610 € 0.840 €

White Kit Kat 41,5g

0,430 €

Kinder Bueno White 39g

0,510 €

Kinder Bueno 43g

0,510 €

Maltesers 37g

0,490 €

Milka Whole Hazelnuts 100g

0,800 €

Milka Caramel 100g

0,800 €

Milka Chips Ahoy 100g

0,800 €

Milka milk 100g

0,720 €

Milka Lu 87g

0,680 €

Milka Oreo 100g

0,800 €

Bar Milka Oreo 37g

0,415 €

Milka Tuc 35g

0,430 €

Milka Tuc 87g

0,660 €

Toblerone 50g

0,485 €

Tokke 47g

0,375 €
Snack Milk Nestlé 34g-Distribución Mayorista
  • -11%

Snack Milk Nestlé 34g

0,350 € 0.395 €

Snack Crunch Nestlé 33g

0,330 €

Conguitos 70g

0,810 €

Lacasitos 45g

0,500 €

We are wholesale distributors of chocolates for vending machines. We distribute to professionals of the vending sector, tobacconists and impulse.

Wholesale distributor of chocolates for vending and impulse.

We always work with national product, always in stock and ready to be shipped.

Chocolates for vending

Almost everyone likes chocolate for its delicious taste, but we are not always aware of its benefits. Besides, we can find it in different presentations: bars, tablets, chocolates, among others. Therefore, we can consume it anywhere and they are ideal products for vending machines.

In wholesale distribution we have the best brands of chocolates for vending machines in the market, the most sold and best valued. Also, on our website you can find a wide range of chocolate products for vending at the best price.

Why buy chocolate for vending machines?

Here are the main health benefits of chocolate. This way, you will know the advantages that offering this dessert in your vending machines can bring to you and your customers.

It is a satiating food

When we buy a snack in a vending machine, we usually look for something to temporarily calm our hunger. Chocolate is an excellent alternative, as it is high in fiber and offers a prolonged feeling of satiety.

Improves mood

This food stimulates the production of endorphins and serotonin, so it can help relieve symptoms of stress, anxiety, fatigue and depression. In general, it serves to improve mood, soil and sense of well-being.

Increases brain functions

Chocolate serves to increase our memory, mental clarity and concentration in the short and long term. It has been proven to increase blood flow to the brain and help improve our cognitive functions.

Improves heart health

This dessert also helps reduce blood pressure and helps prevent cardiovascular problems and heart attacks.

It is a natural antioxidant

This food contains properties that avoid and prevent cell damage. It also inhibits free radicals and slows the effects of aging.

Advantages of buying vending chocolates

These are some of the advantages of having this product in your vending machines. We have our own warehouses and a large stock of these products. So, when you place your order you will have them at your address as soon as possible and with all the quality guarantee.

Wholesaler of vending chocolates

In wholesale distribution we have the best brands of chocolates for vending machines in the market and on our website you can find chocolate bars, chocolate bars for vending and a wide range of chocolate products.

We have our own stock of chocolates for vending machines at the best price. We are also wholesale distributors of chocolates and vending chocolates and we can guarantee a fast and efficient transport service.

In our catalog you can find the best brands of chocolates. The best selling and best valued in the vending market.

Buy vending chocolates at the best price

Online wholesale distribution has its own warehouses and a large stock of vending chocolate products so that when you place your order you have them at your address as soon as possible and with all the quality guarantee.

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