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We are wholesale distributors of Haribo, jelly beans and candies. We distribute Haribo products to professionals in the vending and impulse sector.

Wholesaler of Haribo jelly beans

We always work with national product, always in stock and ready to be shipped.

Distributor of Haribo - Jelly beans and candies

One of the most nationally recognized brands of jelly beans. If you want to buy Haribo products wholesale and at the best price in the market, in wholesale distribution we have a wide assortment of sweets and we work only with leading manufacturers in each sector to offer our customers the best quality in all the products we sell.

Hans Riegel, founder of Haribo, was born in 1893 in Germany. After completing a confectionery course and after the First World War, he worked in the Kleutgen & Meier plants and became a partner in the Heinen company in Bonn-Kessenich, which was renamed Heinen & Riegel. 

Later he becomes self-employed and sets up his own company in a house where he installs the first production plant.

The history of the company begins in this small kitchen, as in December 1920 Hans Riegel registers the company under the name Haribo.

Shortly afterwards, the now famous dancing gummy bears or golden bears appeared, and 15 years later, licorice strips. Almost in the mid-90s they also created the well-known marshmallows.

Haribo candies and jelly beans wholesale

We are wholesale distributors of Haribo gummies, we specialize in vending jelly beans, in our catalog of vending products you will find the best prices on the market in gummies for vending and impulse.

Place your orders with us and take advantage of our offers and promotions vending, we have the best prices in the vending sector.

Among the varieties of jelly beans, wholesale sweets and candies of the well-known German brand, we have made a selection of the best Haribo products for vending machines. These products have been chosen for their great acceptance among the public and for being the best sellers of the brand.

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