Spaghetti Strawberry Pika 75g Haribo - Gummies
Spaghetti Strawberry Pika 75g Haribo - Gummies
Spaghetti Strawberry Pika 75g Haribo - Gummies
Spaghetti Strawberry Pika 75g Haribo - Gummies

Spaghetti Strawberry Pika 75g Haribo


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Sale of Spaghetti Strawberry Pika 75g Haribo, funny sweet gels in the form of spaghetti, with sugar, strawberry flavor, of the Haribo brand, for vending machines.

Box of 18 units.

Wholesalers of wholesale Haribo products.

The best wholesale store for 100g gummies.


Spaghetti Strawberry Pica 75g Haribo

Haribo was founded in 1920, with only a sack of sugar, a marble table, a stool, a stove, a copper cauldron and a rolling pin, and started to produce sweets in a laundry room in an inner courtyard.

The first Dancing Bears were born in 1922, by 1930 Haribo products were being delivered all over Germany and three years later the company could be considered an SME.

In 1960 Haribo Golden Bears were launched on the market and seven years later they were officially recognized as a registered trademark. In 1986 Haribo acquires the Maoam brand.

Wholesalers of Strawberry Spaghetti Pica 75g Haribo

Haribo jelly beans are a safe bet in any vending machine, they are the most popular jelly beans in the market, so do not hesitate to add a couple of Haribo jelly beans to your machine or business.

We work with a wide variety of Haribo jelly beans, we have the best prices on the market in the sale of jelly beans wholesale for vending.

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We are leaders in wholesale products, so we have Spaghetti Strawberry Pica Haribo at the best price and a wide variety of Haribo brand products. 

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Place your orders through our website and receive them in less than 48 hours guaranteed in Spain, Portugal and France.

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