Briks Pica 100g Haribo - Gummies
Briks Pica 100g Haribo - Gummies
Briks Pica 100g Haribo - Gummies
Briks Pica 100g Haribo - Gummies

Briks Pica 100g Haribo


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Sale of Bricks Pica 100g, delicious chewable gels, with sugar, strawberry flavor, from the Haribo brand, for vending machines.

Haribo gummies bag of 100g.

Box of 18 units.

Wholesale Haribo products wholesalers.

The best wholesale store for gummies 100g.


Briks Pica 100g Haribo

The Haribo company was founded in 1920 with just a sack of sugar, a marble board, a stool, a stove, a copper pot and a rolling pin, and began producing sweets in a laundry room in an inner courtyard.

Today, Haribo products are sold in more than 100 countries around the world. What sets Haribo products apart is their quality, they are the most popular candy among young and old.

Wholesaler of Briks Pica 100g Haribo

In Distribución Mayorista we are specialists in the wholesale of vending products in Spain, Portugal and France. In our catalog you can find different gummies wholesale with the best prices in the market.

We work with a huge variety of Haribo brand jelly beans, do not hesitate to add some jelly beans of this brand to your vending machine, because Haribo is the leader in the jelly beans sector, becoming a safe bet in any machine.

We have the best prices on jelly beans, we are dedicated to the wholesale marketing of vending products, we have the best catalog of vending products on the market.

We have our own warehouses, so we have a large stock available. In this way we can ensure shipments within 48 hours.

Haribo Pica bricks are a delight for children and adults. We are wholesalers of pica bricks but we also have a wide variety of Haribo products.

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