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Paya Specialty Coffee Strong Roast 340g - Vending Products
Paya Specialty Coffee Strong Roast 340g - Vending Products
Paya Specialty Coffee Strong Roast 340g - Vending Products
Paya Specialty Coffee Strong Roast 340g - Vending Products

Paya Specialty Coffee Strong Roast 340g


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Sale of Paya Coffee Dark Roast 100% Arabica 340g, exquisite coffee beans with a roast degree of 8/10. Its composition is 100% Arabica, in its flavor you can feel the notes of dark chocolate flavor and a little sweet.

It is a monovarietal coffee that comes from Costa Rica. 80% of the coffee beans come from the micro-region of Chirrió, planted at an altitude of between 1,600 and 2,200 meters above sea level. The other 20% comes from the Central Valley in the Heredia region, planted between 1,400 and 1,600 meters above sea level. The grains of this delicious coffee are planted and processed in a network of small farms called micro-benefits, where the main objective is to make small volumes of high quality. This allows the brand to maintain high-quality coffee volumes.

The Paya Coffee has an eight-step production process, altitude, harvest and grain separation, pulping, white honey, drying, storage, classification and roasting.

It is sold in individual bags of 340g.

This product belongs to the most select and special category.

Wholesale distribution of coffee beans.


We're talking world-class specialty coffee, proudly grown, roasted, and packed in Costa Rica with love. Perfect for espresso, Americano and long black.

The Paya Specialty Coffee Strong Roast 340g is a coffee that is carefully planted between 4595 and 7200 feet above sea level. The higher the land, the harder the seed inside the fruit, which allows the seed to assimilate essential elements that make its flavor so unique. Only when the seeds reach their maximum point of maturity do they go through a first filter where the producers collect the beans by hand, and then they go through a more selective one, just before it reaches our roasters. It comes from a delicious mix of the micro-regions of Costa Rica. 20% of the coffee comes from the mountains of Heredia in the Central Valley of the country. The remaining 80% comes from the Chirripó micro-region.

In order to tell the story of Paya Coffee, we must explain what inspired this beautiful project, what made this small group of people come together driven by passion and dreaming of creating something special linked to what we feel runs through our blood; Coffee

Many things have inspired them along the way, but there is one source of inspiration that stands out, an extraordinary man; grandfather Domingo de Tovar. The de Tovar family has a great tradition in the cultivation and trade of coffee and cocoa, dating back to the 17th century when the first members of this family moved from Spain to this new paradise in the Americas now known as Venezuela.

After many years of hard work and sacrifice, the "de Tovar" family had built an excellent network of agricultural and cattle farms, in a landscape that was once described by the famous explorer / geographer / naturalist "Alexander von Humboldt" during a of his visits to the "Americas" as the "Gardens of Venezuela".

But when the time came to defend and live up to their ideals of freedom and progress, the De Tovar family did not hesitate to sacrifice everything they had built through generations of hard work, all for a good cause; the abolition of slavery and the Venezuelan war of independence.

Fast forward several years, Domingo de Tovar, at only 38 years old, presided over the "National Fund for Coffee and Cocoa", which had its headquarters in his prominent coffee farm called "Paya". Once again, when duty came, he put aside his passion and family business (coffee farming) to represent Venezuela at the United Nations, seeking to defend fair trade conditions for coffee farmers as part of the New Zealand International Coffee Agreement. York 1962. Despite suffering some health problems during his stay at the UN, he decided, against the advice of his schools, to stay and wait until he returned to Venezuela to attend to his health, dying of a heart attack shortly after his Return.

This awakening of passion and inspiration prompted to heed this call that has been present in the family for generations, after all, now it would be fair to say that coffee runs in the blood! That is why Vidal Brothers Company was founded in 2019 , this time starting a new chapter in beautiful Costa Rica, honoring that tradition of excellence, family and passion for good coffee, and giving birth to Paya Coffee.

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