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Beans 90g Fini


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Sale of Beans 90g , chewy candies, with the shape of a bean, from the Fini brand, for vending machines.

Bag of Gummies from Fini Beans of 90 grams.

Box of 12 units.

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Beans 90g Fini

The history of Fini is a story of illusion and effort that began in Murcia in 1971. Fini was born as a small handmade chewing gum factory. From the handmade chewing gum of the 70s of the last century to 1200 pieces per minute wrapping machines.

In 1980 they began to distribute their products throughout Europe and in 2000 they launched the iconic candy recognized by a whole generation. In 2010 they were pioneers worldwide in manufacturing licorice suitable for celiacs and 3 years later they began with the creation of their own stores.

In 2019 Fini Golosinas presents its new range of products for events and celebrations and a year later they launch the chewy candy with which they give rise to the opening of a new category.

Wholesaler Beans 90g Fini

Fini jelly beans are an excellent choice when adding jelly beans to a vending machine or a business, as they are very popular for their great taste and variety of flavors and formats.

We have the best prices on jelly beans, in our wholesale vending products store you can buy vending products wholesale and at the best price in the market.

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We have Fini gummies distribution throughout Spain, France and Portugal. On our website you can also find Haribo gummies and Vidal gummies.

In addition to having 100g Fini beans at the best price, we also have a wide assortment of jelly beans on our website that will surely interest you. Do not hesitate to take a look at the online catalog and discover the best prices on vending products.

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