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Spaghetti Strawberry Pika 75g Haribo

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Torcidas 75g Haribo

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Haribo Regalices 

Buy Haribo treats wholesale. We are a wholesaler of Haribo liquorice, in addition to many other vending products. Buy Haribo treats online at Wholesale Distribution. 

Buy Haribo licorice wholesale

Discover the unique flavors of Haribo Regalices

Discover the Haribo Regalices full of authentic flavors. These different sweets gominolas have a soft texture, while retaining the original licorice shape. They are ideal for vending.

Haribo Regalices are sweet gels with the exact point between sweetness ideal for vending as they come in practical individual containers lysate for vending machines.

All Haribo gummies have authentic flavors and are enjoyed by children and adults. Buy Haribo Mega Twisted wholesale. 

Advantages of buying Haribo licorice wholesale

In Wholesale Distribution we are wholesalers and distributors of Haribo Regalices wholesale. On our website you can take advantage of our prices for wholesalers and a wide selection of products for your vending machine. We have a wide range of Haribo products, sweets and gominolas that we distribute throughout Spain. We offer advice and all our orders are delivered with efficient logistics, punctuality and fast delivery.

Why choose us as your Haribo Regalices supplier

In Wholesale Distribution we are distributor of Haribo candies and we have experience as suppliers in vending of all products of the PepsiCo group. By choosing us as wholesalers of Haribo candies you can take advantage of our customized options and all our products adapted to vending. We have been a distributor of Haribo for a long time and we never get tired of recommending that you choose Haribo Treats for vending machines for its different packaging and attractive presentation that will delight all fans of the treats. 

Benefits of buying Haribo licorice in your vending product selection

If you have a vending machine, the Haribo Strawberries are indispensable in your catalog as they are the star product of a lot of consumers of all ages. The Haribo brand is a trusted brand synonymous with hygiene and taste. Haribo candies come in individual presentation ideal for your Haribo licorice vending machine. Putting on your vending Haribo candies will be the right decision, as they work in any location, for all ages and a high consumption traffic of people.

Frequently Asked Questions about Haribo Licorice

What is the unit cost of Haribo Regalices Wholesale?

The price per unit when buying Haribo Regalices wholesale depends on several factors, such as the cost of raw material, the cost of water... and how the market is at that time. In Online Wholesale Distribution we will always offer the best prices on the market. 

Do you offer volume discounts on the purchase of Haribo Regalices?

When shopping in Wholesale Distribution, we offer discounts and offers for every purchase of boxes that are made, that is, the larger the volume, the cheaper the box or the sale per unit would be.

Do you make recommendations for choosing the ideal Haribo Treats products for my vending business?

In Wholesale Distribution, we offer you a personalized service based on proximity. That is why we want to offer you the solution that best suits your needs, choosing the best range of products for your vending business. 

Are there customization options for Haribo Treats for vending machines?

When buying Haribo Treats products for wholesale vending machines you will find several opportunities to buy bags with quantity discounts, customizing the number of packages you need. We have a wide range of Haribo on our website.

What are the most popular flavors of Haribo Candies for vending?

The Haribo Regalices are very popular, with gominolas such as Balla-Balla or Balla-Balla Pika, or the famous Spaghetti Pika, all with a high acceptance among the public and very popular for vending

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