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Strawberries with Cream 100g Haribo

0,525 €

Discover the sweetness of Haribo Strawberries

These delicious strawberry-shaped jelly beans are ideal for vending. Haribo Strawberries are soft sweets with the exact point between sweetness and acidity, ideal for vending since they come in practical individual containers. All Haribo gummies have authentic flavors and are enjoyed by children and adults. Among the sweets for vending machines, Haribo strawberries are a classic that cannot be missing in your business.

Why add Haribo strawberries to your product selection

If you have a vending machine, Haribo Strawberries are essential in your catalog since they are the star product of a lot of consumers of all ages. The Haribo brand is a trusted brand synonymous with hygiene and freshness and quality with reduced gluten. Haribo sweets come in individual presentation ideal for your machine. Putting Haribo strawberries in your vending machine will be the right decision, since they work in all locations, libraries, offices, crowded places...

Advantages of buying Haribo Strawberries wholesale

At Wholesale Distribution we are wholesalers and distributors of wholesale Haribo strawberries. On our page you can take advantage of our competitive prices and wide range of products for your vending machine. We have a variety of options for sweets and gummies that you can buy in full box packs with packaging of 75 to 100g. We offer personalized customer service and all our orders are delivered with efficient logistics, on time.

Reasons to choose us as your Haribo strawberry supplier

At Wholesale Distribution, we are experienced suppliers with more than 10 years of experience in selling all PepsiCo group products. By choosing us as a Haribo strawberry wholesaler you can take advantage of our extensive experience in vending. We have been a distributor of Haribo strawberries for a long time and we never tire of recommending that you choose Haribo strawberries for vending machines for their attractive packaging and presentation that all candy fans will love.

Frequently Asked Questions about Haribo Strawberries

What is the price per unit when buying Haribo Strawberries wholesale?

The price per unit when buying Haribo Strawberries wholesale depends on several factors, such as the cost of raw materials, the cost of water... and how the market is at that time. At Online Wholesale Distribution we will always offer the best prices on the market.

Are there customization options for Haribo Strawberries products for vending machines?

When purchasing Haribo Strawberry products for wholesale vending machines you will find several opportunities to purchase the bags with quantity discounts, customizing the number of packages you need. We have a wide range of Haribo

How long does it take to deliver Haribo Fresas products after placing an order?

The time it takes to deliver Haribo Strawberry products after an order on our Wholesale Distribution website is usually 24 to 96 hours depending on the transport agency chosen, we always try to offer the fastest transport services possible.

What are the return policies in case of problems with Haribo Strawberries?

From Wholesale Distribution we will always try to ensure that there is no problem with your order of Haribo Strawberries, but in the event that an incident occurs and you have to make some type of return, we have a dedicated after-sales service that will solve all the problems.

How is the logistics and delivery of Haribo Strawberries managed through Wholesale Distribution?

We carry out the logistics and delivery of Haribo Strawberries through Wholesale Distribution through the various transport agencies with which we work. Estimated delivery times are 24 and 96 hours once it leaves our warehouse, varying depending on the product and the chosen agency.

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